A New Paradigm in Cost Management

Society of Cost Management

What is SCM?

Founded in 2010, the Society of Cost Management is an international organization committed to promoting best practices in cost management.Our approach is simple: Leverage technology to create a borderless community to share ideas, promote best practices, and connect people.

Our Mission

The Society of Cost Management (SCM) is dedicated to increasing awareness of the vital role cost measurement and management plays in organizations by providing technical support for our constituency that will enhance their credibility and obtain management support, as well as recognizing their achievements, as they master the sound body of knowledge our organization provides.

SCM promotes and accelerates the development, reforms, dissemination and adoption of sound cost, profitability, and performance measurement and management practices in organizations of all sizes and types, not for the objective of personal gain on the part of any particular member, but on the broad platform of general good and the advancement of institutional and business interests.

SCM fulfills this mission by providing technical, educational and communication resources to those business and professional organizations, especially non-accounting professional societies, whose members require a sound understanding of the economics that underlie their business or institution if they are to gain insights, make sound decisions, and take effective actions. The Society is intended to assist accountants seeking progress and change by getting buy-in from their co-workers to progressive management accounting methods, and by influencing boards of directors in their governance role and executive teams in their leadership role.

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