You hear me drone on and on about what it is like to be a Management Accountant in the United States. Basically, at least for the moment, Management Accountants are subordinate to Financial Accountants, the Controller or a Finance Director is probably a CPA. The term Management Accountant has never really caught on, most of us are called Cost Accounants, and there is a limited career path. The Institute of Management Accountants no longer supports us in a big way, choosing to become a ‘Strategic Finance’ membership group some years ago. Cost Accountants typically work in manufacturing, almost every manufacturing location has at least one, although the profession is expanding into other industries who are learning their need for accurate costing.

What is Management Accounting like where you are? We have many members in Asia and the Middle East, and since the profession varies by country, we would like to know what you are doing. Thanks.


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