Some of what you have to look forward to with the Society of Cost Management

Self Study Guide

Publication of our Self-Study Guide, with mostly free resources to upgrade your
professional skills, availabl now at:

Accounting Taxonomy & wiki

The guide to everything Management Accounting and placing it in contest with
definitions and showing its place on the costing continuum.

Standard Cost

Almost ready for publication, a free resource with guidelines and best practices for
using standard cost.  Yes we know, but it is still here and most young professionals are not learning how to use standard cost.

A Virtual Conference

In the near future, a webcast on the future of costing with some of the best minds
in the business.

Software Utilization

Since software is such an important aspect of our jobs, the Society of Cost Management will bring to you

Social Networking

A Ning like community to meet other Cost Management professionals.  Hold discussions, create groups, post events, and share your professional insights with other SCM members.

Bridging the Education Gap

The Society of Cost Management wants to help eliminate the gap between what practitioners are doing and what is being taught in universities.  As we think of ways to close the gap, we will bring new ideas to you first.


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