Some associations try to stamp their designation on just about anyone, which raises money for the association but isn’t helping the profession.  At the Society of Cost Management our primary mission is to improve the state of costing.  We strive to reach out to every potential member of the Cost community, to do that we could need your help.  Each of you probably knows at least 3 or 4 other people, co-workers, former co-workers, etc.  If you reach out to only 1 other person, this would help us immensely.  Only reach out to someone who is truly interested in their career:  that the rest of us could value networking with, and:  is interested in furthering Cost and Management Accounting. 

On LinkedIn the easiest way to reach people is through connections or through common groups.  Assuming that Cost and Management Accountants follow the Pareto distribution, only about 10% of us are on LinkedIn and accessible.  But there are a number of LinkedIn members who are hard to reach, without many connections or in obscure groups.

How many Cost/Management Accountants are there?  A conservative estimate globally would be a couple hundred thousand.  Again assuming a pareto distribution, that would mean that twenty thousand would be active professionally.  We are still a long ways from that number, so please reach out to people you know.  If you have other ideas on how to reach out please share them with us at  Thanks for your support.


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