A New Paradigm in Cost Management

Society of Cost Management

Society of Cost Management Defines a New Paradigm in Cost Management

Orange County, California

Growing from its roots as a blog and LinkedIn group, the Society of Cost Management (SCM) announces its new online community dedicated solely to cost measurement, cost management and decision support. Disillusioned with the state of professional organizations for costing professionals, SCM Founder Michael Fournier set out to create a community that offered free access to resources and tools to improve costing practices worldwide. “Cost Accountants in the US have not been represented by a professional association in quite some time. It has affected the quality of the profession, and it seemed like a good idea to share information globally, since costing practices are not country specific,” shared Fournier.

In recent months, the group has established a 12-person executive committee comprised of costing experts from industry and academia to set the strategic vision of the organization and ensures that SCM lives by its mission to “promote and accelerate the development, reform, dissemination and adoption of sound cost, profitability and performance measurement and management practices in organizations of all sizes and types”. The group is also actively involved in conducting research and establishing best practices in cost management.

This month, SCM moves its base of operations to its own online community at www.costmgmt.org. The website will give its members’ access to research, articles and white papers, and videos of topics related to effective cost management. Members also have the ability to connect with other costing professionals through the SCM forums where they can ask questions, share ideas, and network. In addition, the careers area offers both professional development tools to help members in their current roles as well as job postings for those looking for new opportunities.

Starting in Fall 2011, SCM will host events including webinars hosted by leading cost management experts to its members as well as a launch a book club to connect some of today’s pre-eminent authors on costing topics with our members.

Becoming a member of the Society of Cost Management is easy. Visit www.costmgmt.org and sign up for your free membership.

About the Society of Cost Management
Founded in 2010, the Society of Cost Management is an international organization committed to promoting best practices in cost management by leveraging technology to create a borderless community to share ideas, promote best practices, and connect people.