As some of you know, if you read these pages occasionally, I was laid off now five weeks ago.  I have been unemployed before so this is not scary, but in this economy things are a little different.  In the first place, there do not seem to be many Sr. Cost Accountant or Cost Accounting Manager positions in the L.A. or Orange County areas.  This is a little disconcerting as it has always been a pretty good manufacturing area in previous economies.

A majority of the advertised positions seem to be in the south OC/San Diego areas and in Northern California.  I have had to spread out my job search to these areas, and even out of state.  My wife and I have discussed possible areas where we would like to retire and it seems logical to make a move now if something is available.  I contacted a couple of people in this group on LinkedIn to ask for recruiter contacts and got a couple good referrals.

The method of searching seems about the same as always, most of the jobs are being handled through recruiters.  The first couple weeks I was available I got calls from several who wanted me to come in and ‘meet them’, in the L.A. area this meant a lot of driving, and none of them panned out.  I know that going through a recruiter is still the best way to go as they handle most of the accounting/finance positions now.  I have also had to broaden my list of possible job descriptions to include Plant Controller, Ass’t. Controller and similar.

It is important to have a good LinkedIn profile that is kept up to date.  If you haven’t updated yours in awhile you might take a fresh look and look at some of your contacts just for comparison.

The major internet job boards are still CareerBuilder and Monster so I have resumes posted there.  Monster is owned by the same company that owns Robert Half and they seem to work hand in hand.  Another good site is Indeed, they seem to have quite a few jobs on there.

One newer trend I find discouraging is going to a site with a job ad, going to their fill in application and uploading my resume. the site then automatically fills in the info from your resume.  I find that most of these upload incorrectly and then it takes me 1 1/2 hours to go through and correct everything.  While job searching, time is a precious commodity and this does not help.  I was getting ads from something called Business WorkForce which is so tedious I unsubscribed.

Another trend is filling out one of these online jobs and then finding myself automatically subscribed to a job search.  So you might find yourself getting ‘Cost Accounting Manager’, Brea, but then you apply for a job in Fullerton, now I am getting ‘Cost Accounting Manager, Fullerton.  From one site I was actually getting seven different searches for surrounding cities, I unsubscribed.

So I’ve had a couple first round interviews, unfortunately the best positions require a move, but you do what you have to do.  I am still optimistic.  I would like to hear from anyone else who is going through this or has done so recently.  Give us your tips for finding a job in this depressed market.


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