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Essentials of Strategic Management: The Quest for Competitive Advantage by Gamble, Thompson, and Peteraf

Posted on by Michael Fournier

The Quest for Competitive Advantage can be purchased in the SCM bookstore. Company managers are often stunned when a competitor cuts its prices to “unbelievably low” levels or when a new market entrant comes on strong with a great new … Read More >

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Three Major Areas for Supplier Cost Reduction and Management

Posted on by Floyd Talbot

Professionals can miss areas of opportunity for supplier cost reduction and management.  Usually when we think about costs management, the manufacturing, retail, or wholesale environment comes to mind.  Service industries usually do not take top rung.  However, all industries as … Read More >

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March Book Feature: Reducing Process Costs with Lean, Six Sigma, and Value Engineering Techniques

Posted on by Stacey Adams

Book Overview by Jon M. Quigley Many organizations have a series of activities or processes that they go through to produce the end product or service. The work will start with some kind of development process, which may be a … Read More >

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