If you look at the Executive Committee, you may notice that most of us are well into our careers. For the Society to be viable, we have to represent all Cost Management professionals, not just those who are fairly stable in their careers. So in order to bring the Society to younger professionals, the Society of Cost Management has created the ambassador program.

If you are under 35 and a mover and shaker in your company and in the cost management profession (or want to be). Help us promote the society and better costing. You will interface with other ambassadors, come up with a plan and implement it, using the latest technology.

To become an Ambassador for the Society of Cost Management, you must join the Society, which still has no cost and email us at info@costmgmt.org. When and if enough of you have expressed interest, we will put you in touch with each other. You can make recommendations about promoting the society and the society in general, anything is fair game.  But most importantly, you will be helping costing to advance.


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